Boost team productivity by 20%, recover at least an hour a day per team member.

A typical knowledge worker spends more than an hour each day, looking for information or know-how that he/she requires to get work done. Multiply one hour by working days and number of team members to see how much time could be realloted to productive work.

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Ariv will help you find relevant information, prevent unnecessary waiting for responses and make it easier to find relevant information from scattered documents. All without, leaving Slack or Microsoft Teams.

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Introducing Ariv

Ariv is built for teams that use Slack or Microsoft Teams to collaborate. With the help of AI and it’s NLP capabilities, Ariv is efficient at understanding documents and knowledge that is fed to it. Using its knowledge graph it stores your company's knowledge in dynamic graph format that makes it accurate and efficient at surfacing relevant information. It’s even easier to get started with, all you need to do is upload your company's knowledge i.e documents, FAQs, PDFs etc and gets to work organizing your knowledge. Ariv is more of a team member than just a bot and can proactively help the team with relevant knowledge when it detects a question or finds knowledge related to a topic that’s being discussed.

Letting Knowledge flow within your team and company


Upload your existing knowledge

Ariv saves you the hassle of re-creating knowledge to solve this problem. Just feed in documents, FAQ’s or files that contain relevant knowledge for your team and Ariv gets to work categorising and tagging your knowledge, ensuring your knowledge is easy to surface when a question is asked..Ariv’s knowledge graph ensures that your knowledge is stored dynamically so that it’s able to answer even complex questions questions thanks to its ability of maintaining and understanding the context.


Human validated knowledge

Ariv’s curation workflows ensure that your knowledge is controlled by you. This includes updating your knowledge or controlling the responses ariv provides to certain questions. You can also choose to control the type of questions that Ariv can answer directly or the ones that require intervention before being sent out. This ensures your workforce always gets accurate responses to their questions. With a dedicated channel for moderators, questions without answers can be addressed, responses can be tweaked and knowledge can be gated based on preference.


AI distributed knowledge

Ariv gives you and your teams the power to choose what knowledge can be circulated within the team. Ariv’s knowledge graph ensures that all of your knowledge stays upto date and knowledge can be retrieved based on the questions asked. Ariv let’s you choose questions that can be self served so that those questions get handled automatically. For more control on your knowledge process can be set for moderators to approve responses ariv picks up or curate new responses for circulation.

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Never leave Slack or Microsoft Teams to address a question.

Ariv is built keeping in mind that teams have knowledge that is specific to them and that universal knowledge just doesn't cut it. And even though knowledge exists in some form within an organization, finding and using it has always been a hassle. Given that teams are working in a hybrid environment the importance of knowledge keeping up with the times is necessary and that’s why Ariv exists. To ensure that your company’s knowledge keeps up with your pace of work.Got a question?
Just ask Ariv, she'll sift through the company documentation and FAQ's to find you a relevant response in a Jiffy. If a response cannot be found, don't worry she'll let the appropriate team know and get one of them to respond directly to you ASAP. 

What is sapping your Team's productivity?

Not having the information you need for work;

The information you need at work isn’t always arms length away. Looking for the right document, and reading through it are productivity killers. Ariv surfaces the information your team needs, when they need it. Bringing back time and productivity that's otherwise lost searching for things.

Duplicate content and multiple documents;

Multiple versions of documents that may contain duplicated content are another cause for decreased productivity. Sifting through text and documentation can be time consuming and while the way we update documentation may never change, Ariv can help become the single source of updated information.

Multiple sources of Knowledge

Documents are one thing but the tools we use contain knowledge too. This makes looking for information harder and teams end up hopping across platforms to find it. Ariv let’s you feed all the important documentation that your teams use to surface it when the need arises.

Waiting on colleagues;

Procuring information was relatively efficient in a physical workspace, remote working has definitely flipped things around. Ariv helps capture queries like this and escalates it for moderators of the team to take care of. Additionally ariv could also point you to information from conversations that could be helpful in this regard.

Ariv works for different teams within an organization, it addresses a variety of use cases. While knowledge powered support can mean different things for every team the principle of creating, curating and circulating knowledge to get work done more efficiently remains the same. Here are some examples of how Ariv can help your team.

Ariv for People Ops / HR Teams

Ariv for Administration & Ops

Ariv for Communities

Ariv for Sales Teams

Ariv for Marketing Teams

Ariv for Product Management

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